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  2. Für LT Kontrast: HiViGrey Cinema 5D ALR

Long Throw ALR Hoch Kontrast Grau Gain=1,35

Vergleich Tuch Material HiViWhite Cinema 1,0 vs HiViGrey Cinema 5d

ideal für HDR und Dolby Vision Wiedergabe

Foto in hellem Raum unter Tageslicht

HiViGrey Cinema 5D-1.35 Gain 8K Ambient Rejected Material Hoch Kontrast 
HiViGrey Cinema 5D is specially engineered for rejecting the ambient light while maintain the superb picture quality. It increases the projector brightness 1.3 times amount.
The reflective material incorporates a diffusion layer over a highl reflective surface. This causes direct light from the projector to reflect squarely into the viewer‘s field of vision while the outer contrast layer enhances image quality while absorbing indirect ambient light.
Perfect for low lumens output projector

■ 1.35 gain soft white, texture free screen surface for a finely detailed, hot spotting free, high quality image
■ Angular-Reflective and Ambient Light Rejecting technology
■ Perfect colour uniformity and detail clarity
■ Active 3D and 8K Ultra HD HDR Ready
■ Superior performance in environment with ambient light
■ Mildew resistant and flame retardent
■ Surface can be cleaned with mild soap and water

■ Max.Resolution: 8K
■ Peak Gain: 1.35
■ Half View Angle: 75°
■ Thickness: 0.35mm
■ 3D Enabled: Yes
■ Surface Color: Light Grey
■ Black Backing: No
■ Flexible Factor: Full
■ Max Fabric Width: 4m

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